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After everyone was in their place, Whis, Vadosnand Kusu nodded to their respective God of Destruction, then flew into the air, and pointed the three scepters into the sky at the same time.

Strange rays of light shot out from the crystal ball, and then converged together, forming a thin barrier around the martial arts arena.

Immediately afterwards, Vados, as the host of the tournament, spoke.

Her cold voice echoing in the venue:

“Let me briefly describe the rules of the tournament!”

“Universe Tournament has been jointly organized by God of Destruction Champa-sama, God of Destruction Beerus-sama, God of Destruction Xiaya-sama, and Supreme Kai of the three universes as the supervisor.

The rules of the competition are very simple.

There will be five contestants from each universe, and they will fight in a continuous knockout round.

Each universe must send a contestant to the arena to participate.

All three sides will fight each other.

If someone is eliminated, the contestant will be replaced.

When all contestants of a universe are eliminated, they will be eliminated from the tournament, and then the remaining two universes will continue to fight.”

“The universe represented by the last remaining contestant in the arena will be the winner.”

“The prizes are super dragon balls, crystal dragon balls and universe marks.

The victorious universe will get the super dragon balls and crystal dragon balls.

In addition, among only Universe 6 and Universe 7, the ownership of Universe 7’s Earth is attached.”

“Furthermore, because Universe 10 has voluntarily given up on the super dragon balls, if Universe 10 wins, following Xiaya-sama’s request, they will get the universe mark of a group of people from Universe 6 and Universe 7 while the super dragon balls will be obtained by the bottom-ranked universe.”

Vados introduced the rules of the tournament in a simple and clear way.

Generally speaking, it is the principle of elimination.

The strong are respected, and it depends on which universe the last remaining contestants belong to.

This means that as long as one universe has an invincible powerhouse that surpasses all contestants, they can become the final victor by eliminating all contestants of other universes.

But at the moment, the strength of the three universes is relatively balanced, and there is no clear disparity, so the planning of tactics is very important.

“Then the tournament begins.

Every universe, please send your first contestant.” Whis continued.

On Universe 10’s side, the order of the candidates has long been decided.

Since it is a knockout tournament, of course, the most powerful contestant should be left for the end.

Xiaya glanced at the five contestants behind him and said to Obuni: “You will go for the first round.

Try to last for as many rounds as possible to eliminate the opponent’s numbers.”

“Don’t worry, Xiaya-sama.” Obuni stood up and said with a resolute expression.

Obuni is an alien with a tall figure and a slim appearance.

His strength is considered quite good in Universe 10.

He is extremely good at creating feints to fight.

Previously, he was only a little bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell, but after Xiaya entered Universe 10, Obuni trained on God of Destruction’s Planet for many years, and now it is enough to match a Super Saiyan 3.

“Pay attention to Universe 7, and if necessary, target Universe 6 first.”

Xiaya warned him.

In his plan, Obuni originally could have eliminated a lot of experts from Universe 6 and Universe 7, because these two universes were short of experts at Super Saiyan 3 level.

But after seeing Zangya and 21, Xiaya knew that he needed to make some adjustments in his plan.

Now all five contestants of Universe 7 have strength above Super Saiyan 3, and only about Universe 6, he is not very clear at the moment.

I wonder what lineup they will send.

Xiaya decided to probe them for a round and then consider the subsequent tactics based on the results of the probe.

“Please don’t worry, God of Destruction-sama.” Obuni nodded vigorously and jumped on the arena.

Opposite him, Universe 6 and Universe 7 also sent their own contestants.

Universe 6 sent the Frost Demon named Kreed, and Universe 7 sent the female scientist Android 21.

After the three of them got onto the arena, they went on guard against each other.

“Boom!” With the sound of a loud gong, the spectators in the stands sat up upright and attentively watched the fight in the arena below.

“Kreed, perform well and knock down your opponent.” Champa shouted with his hands son the sides of his mouth.

“Android 21, go and show your strength.” Beerus was not to be outdone.

Xiaya and Xiling sat leisurely in the stands, just taking a casual glance.

He could roughly judge what is going to happen next.

In short, only Android 21 of the three contestants may cause a problem for Obuni.

The Frost Demon called Kreed is not much of a threat.

“I will knock you both out off the arena.” Obuni said seriously.

“Hoho, you can really talk big.” Frost Demon Kreed’s tail swayed as he revealed an arrogant expression, disdainful of everyone.

This might be due to the personality of Frost Demons, but whether it’s the Frost Demons of Universe 7 or the Frost Demons of Universe 7, they are mostly the same.

In Universe 6, Kreed is just like Frieza from back then.

He id also a well-known person, ruling a vast starfield.

He has only a few rivals over hundreds of years, which gradually developed an arrogant personality.

Android 21, who has long brown hair and looks like an intellectual beauty, did not have anything to say.

She, who has always been a scientist, may have great strength, but she rarely has to make a move.

If it wasn’t for her interest in the Universe Tournament and Xiaya’s advice from before, she might not even have come.

After a brief glance at each other.

Their conversation came to an end and all three of them erupted out with their powers.

In the arena, Obuni was the first one to move.

He had roughly gauged his opponents strength, so he directly manipulated his internal energy to create two or three afterimages and then took the lead in attacking when the opponent was surprised.

Such an advanced secret method where using energy did not seem gorgeous at first glance and it consumes a lot of stamina, but the effect was very significant.

Obuni leaned forward and dashed over like lightning, instantly creating a flash of light.

Seemingly having pierced through the space, in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Android 21, followed by two-three afterimages from left and right, kicking towards number 21.

Android 21 tilted her head and looked at him in confusion.

When Obuni’s kick was about to touch her, her body flickered a few times and she dodged Obuni’s and his afterimages attack, and then she turned around and like a nimble lightning, she in turn launched a counterattack at Obuni with an unimaginable speed.

Obuni didn’t expect 21 to move so quickly and was surprised as two afterimages suddenly emerged in front of him.


21’s body turned sluggish and her attack landed on an afterimage, and Obuni attack immediately followed with an attack.

After a series of attacks, only lightning seems to flash and rumble.

The entire venue was filled with figures of them fighting.

Knowing that the situation was not good, 21 had to temporarily escape from the barrage and dodge to the side.

At this time, Kreed, who had not made a move till now, was a little dumbfounded shortly after the fight started.

In fact, Kreed was snickering inwardly when Obuni chose to fight 21.

It’s fine if the two of them fight, he can take advantage of it by being the fisherman.

But as the fight between Obuni and 21 went on, he found that the intensity of the fight was beyond his imagination.

He gradually realized that something was wrong.

He was horrified to find that he couldn’t even see their movements as they were fighting.

As if he was blind, his eyes were useless.

How can that be! Kreed had unknowingly begun to feel panic.

“What’s going on My eyes can’t even capture their speed!” Kreed was feeling panicked at the moment.

He never thought such a thing would happen.

In Universe 6, he has always been invincible, but what was happening in front of him has slapped him firmly in the face.

Just when Kreed was feeling panicked, Obuni gave up his plan to continue attacking Android 21, and adjusted his direction to attack Universe 6’s contestant.

“Not good, he is targeting me.” Seeing Obuni attack him, Kreed panicked and before he had the time to dodge, the attack had already arrived.

Whoosh, a cold wind blew across his face and Kreed’s pupils shrunk to a needle-size.

In Kreed’s line of sight, he saw a blurry afterimage appear in front of him.

His heart tensed and he didn’t have time to react before he felt a huge force coming from his chest, and his vision became blurry.

The scenery on both sides was receding backwards.

Bang! Like a fly swatting on the wall, Kreed flew straight out of the arena before hitting the barrier and his body fell all the way down.

When they were waiting for Kreed to react.

He had already fallen off the arena.

Universe 6’s Kreed was eliminated.


21 was a little stunned.

She was planning to attack Kreed after probing Obuni for a round, but she never thought that Kreed would fall out of the arena and be eliminated.

“Kreed has fallen out of the arena, and the is first contestant from Universe 6 to be eliminated.” Whis glanced at the arena and announced the result.

Champa, who was still loudly yelling at this time, opened his mouth wide and his expression stiffened.

Then he jumped up from his seat and yelled at Vados in a fury: “What the hell is going on, how could he lose so easily.”

“Vados, is this the contestant you picked”

“Champa-sama, the contestant from Universe 10 is too strong.” Vados said calmly.

It seems that the elimination of the Universe 6’s contestant didn’t affect her mood at all.

Although Kreed is strong, he is nothing among all the present contestants.

His elimination was also expected by her.

“Damn it!!” Champa grabbed his head with both hands, inwardly annoyed.

“Hahaha, Champa, it seems there is really no one in your universe.

You actually chose such a useless guy to participate in the tournament.

I think you should admit defeat as soon as possible.” Beerus would not miss any opportunity to humiliate Champa, ridiculing him.

“Humph, Beerus, it’s not much better on your side also!”

In Universe 6’s contestant seats, Frieza raised his head with a gloomy look on his face: “The people from my race are really useless, even my stupid big brother Cooler was much stronger.” Frieza has always looked down on the useless people of his race.

“We’ve lost one person.” Cabba got nervous.

“That guy Obuni is really an expert.” Saonel’s eyes lit up when the fight started.

“…” Hit, who was dressed in purple, just glanced indifferently before closing his eyes.


On Xiaya’s side, the elimination of Frost Demon Kreed only raised a quiet praise before everyone quickly focused on the fight between Obuni and Android 21, which is more important.


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