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Chapter 334, Being Stylish


“Oh Did I Hehehe…”


Konoha chuckled, and then hopped back onto Baladd’s head.

Lina, oblivious as to why Konoha was grinning, tilted her head, while I stood behind her with eyes opened wide.

After that, I proceeded to take a look at Baladd’s magic spell invocation techniques, and gave Lina some pointers on magic and magecraft she was having difficulty learning.

By the time we were done, the sun was already setting, and the air was getting chilly.


“Well then, let’s talk again sometime later, Asley — we have a lot of other things to go over.”


And so Konoha went back into Baladd’s House spell.

I still did not understand some parts of what Konoha said, but I tried my best to ignore them for now.


“Master Lina, Master Asley, I wanna play again soon!”


Baladd lowered her head so low that I’d think her neck would break if she wasn’t a Dragon.

So she thinks all that training was actually ‘playing’ — that’s a good attitude to have.

It’s a part of one’s talent that helps with overcoming difficult challenges, I would say.

With Baladd back in Lina’s House spell, Lina turned to me with a smile on her face.


“All right then, shall we head back…”


She started pouting, looking a little sad.

I certainly had a good time here — and wish I could stay for a while longer, but that’s not going to happen.

That’s probably what Lina thinks, too.

We can talk a bit more while we retrace our steps back to the hideout, at least.

…Welp, nope.

The walk back was way shorter than I’d expected.

As we walked down the slope, the Resistance guards on duty greeted us.

And suddenly, I could not move my left hand.

Before I knew it, Lina was holding it still with both of her hands.




I faced the blushing Lina and tilted my head just a little.



“W-what is it”


Perhaps she did that on the spur of the moment — looks like she’s having trouble coming up with what to say next.


“When we’re both done with our missions…!”


When I’m back from Regalia, and when she’s back from her negotiations.

Okay, I’m following this so far.


“When we’re both done with our missions, please teach me more magic and magecraft… and all the other things you’ve discovered! And also, well, I mean…!”


As she said that, Lina held my hand still the whole time, as if she was also enjoying the time spent agonizing over what to say.

It feels like I could tell what Lina actually wanted, rather than simply the words she’s trying to come up with.

And in the end, she said nothing else.

Only awkward silence followed.

Unsure as to what I should do, I finally decided to at least give her what she wanted.


“Sure thing.

When I’m back, I’m going to open up a new magic classroom!”


Lina’s face immediately brightened up, her eyes sparkling.




With that, she ran down the slope, through the clearing where I had fought Irene and the others, and stood in front of the cave entrance.

Then she turned around and said,


“Hurry up! Sir Asley!”


Then she cracked a hearty smile and waved her hands.

The past two years had been chaotic for her, and all of us too.

I’m thankful that Lina’s still able to smile like this.

I suppose I have Irene and Gaston… well, everyone, really — to thank for helping her along her way.




“Hey, there you are!”


Back at the hideout, I was welcomed by Bruce’s ear-to-ear grin.

Hmm, he and the others must have gotten back here using Natsu’s Teleportation Spell Circles.


“What’s that look for”

“Well, you two had a good time out there, yeah HAHAHA!”


Bruce avoided answering my question, only poking me with his elbow.

Betty approached Bruce from behind, grabbed his arm, and twisted it.


“Ah–! Owowow…!”

“Ahaha! Sorry for my brother’s stupidity, Asley! No idea what came over him!”


Betty said, and then proceeded to send an eye signal to Lina behind me.

Glancing over my shoulder, I saw Lina giving a peace sign to Betty for some reason… and Betty nodded back, seeming satisfied.


“Hello! Betty! I’m hurting like hell here!”

“C’mon, this ought to help pep you up for the mission, eh, Brother!”

“Blazer! Little help, please!”


Blazer’s just hanging around inside the cave, leaning against a wall with his arms folded.

He looks more serious than usual, and also more excited.

Okay, looks like he’s ready to go.

From what I’m seeing, all three of them have gone over level 130.

All the hard work they’ve had to do must have pushed them to get that much stronger.

Looks like Ishtar’s scheming has worked in our favor, at least in some way.


“…Okay, let’s get to work.”



Just as I was done saying my thing, I heard the sound of a bone breaking coming from behind me.



“Ah, sorry.”




After saying goodbye to Lina and healing Bruce, we teleported to the inn in Regalia.

Immediately upon arrival, Bruce and Betty started poking Pochi’s inflated belly as she kept on sleeping.


“Man, I missed doing this…”

“So nice and squishy…”


Good God, they’re like creepy old men… Well, except Betty is a woman.


“Rise, Teleportation!”


I draw a Spell Circle that connects to the Teleportation Spell Circle at Tūs’s location.


“So, as I said earlier, go see the bomber head and spook him a bit, yeah”

“I’mma give it my best shot!”

“Finally, some action.”

“Philosopher of the Far East, huh Looking forward to seeing him!”


The trio laughed among themselves as they stepped onto the Teleportation Spell Circle.

They’ve got more than enough grit to laugh in anticipation of a powerful opponent.

Heh, reminds me a bit of Giorno…


“Well, you’re probably still tired, so get some rest and wait for us, yeah”


Bruce, the last one in line, said that before teleporting away.

And then the door to my room creaked open.


“Hmm I thought I sensed some other people here”

“Ah, Lylia.

That was not–“

“–Now, why so formal We’re comrades in arms — just be natural.”

“Oh, okay.

Sooo… those were my friends who’ll be going to Regalia Castle with us.

I just sent them to Tūs’ place for… a little test, I guess”

“…From the footsteps I heard, they’re not bad at all.”


Man, she could tell that much just by being in a neighboring room


“…Also, my Eye told me that there are four Devils inside the castle.”


Ah, right, she has her Mind’s Eye.

That’s what has always been used to rat out the Devilkin disguised as humans.


“Four I guess there’s Billy and Ishtar… And Cleath So the last one could be… Gaspard Lloyd Wait, no, Cleath isn’t a Devil… so maybe Gaspard and Lloyd are both Devils”

“All we need to do is kill them all.”

“Hahaha… right, but remember, our main objective is to get the War Demon Emperor out of there.”

“Ugh, things weren’t so complicated back in the day…”


Lylia held her own elbows and sighed.


“By the way, I’ve been wondering…”

“What is it”

“That sword on your back… it’s Giorno’s, right”

“Hmm Ah, yes.

He left it behind for me.”


Left behind, huh… Well, I shouldn’t be surprised.

That just means Giorno died before Lylia sealed herself.

That’s nothing out of the ordinary considering his human life span, though I don’t know when and how exactly that happened, of course.

…It’s frustrating.

I never could have done anything to help him stay.

Lylia has gotten over Giorno’s death — and here she is now, ready to keep on fighting.

I’m not sure if I can be as strong as she is, in this aspect.


“…Are you going to wield it”

“Heh, want to give it a try”


Lylia grinned, staring straight through my soul with those eerie eyes of hers.

I gasped at the unexplainable atmosphere and looked away as if to avoid her line of sight.

Then I warmed the kettle of tea on the table with magic.

Man, is her savage side gonna resurface when she starts fighting again Good God, she’s scary…

Lylia shrugged her shoulders and took a seat.

I guess I’ll try to enjoy some tea, too.

Good God, she’s scary…




“Whew, I’m beat!”


Bruce was the first to return, spinning his arms to relax his shoulders.


“That giant really has no mercy, huh”


Betty followed, her face covered in dirt.


“Now that’s what I call a good learning experience.”


And the last to arrive was Blazer, looking as tough as ever.


“Welcome back.”


I said to them, and they smiled as they turned to me… and then they froze up.

Huh What in the world is going on


“Well look who we have here…”

“Holy… she’s BEAUTIFUL!”

“An Elf I’ve never seen one before.”


Oh, right, they’re surprised to see Lylia.

Tūs, the guy they’d been fighting just now, was also an Elf… though I guess they wouldn’t be able to tell, because of his lack of pointy ears.

The trio is probably surprised by both her appearance and perceived strength.


“She’s Lylia.

You know, the Fighter of the Holy Warriors.

You should at least recognize her name, right”


The trip opened their eyes even wider.

Being surprised isn’t the only thing they’re doing, though…


“I’m Bruce, the one and only modern Holy Warrior! Nice to meet you!”

“Oh, don’t listen to him — I’m Betty, the actual Holy Warrior.”

“I’m Blazer.”


Heh, Blazer’s no-nonsense attitude is a nice touch to their comedy routine.


“My name is Lylia.”


Lylia proceeded to exchange a handshake with Blazer.

Well look at that — Lylia has changed quite a bit, too.

Her old self probably never would’ve been this friendly with Blazer, or anyone else, really.

And then the funny siblings approached me.


“Looks like she didn’t get our joke, eh”


Bruce, man… I think she DID get the joke, and that’s why she talked to Blazer and not the two others.


“Hey, you think she’ll get angry if I suddenly grab her chest from behind”


Yes, Betty, she’d probably kill you immediately.

And so, with a little help from me, the Silver trio got their introductory conversation going with Lylia.


“So How’d the test go for you”

“Well, remember what you said about preparing for two hundred or so broken bones Pretty accurate, actually.



Okay, Bruce is laughing… but if one of those bones ended up being his neck or some other important place, it wouldn’t be funny.


“Hmm… Oh, is it time to go now, Master”


Pochi woke up, seeming a bit dazed still.

All right, time to go, I guess

As I thought that, Blazer took something out of his chestpocket.


“All right, everyone, drink your Chitande while you can.”






“Hahaha! So it’s actually called Pochibitan D, huh”

“And I was wondering why the name was so weird… turns out the actual name is also weird!”

“Excuuuuuse me, Betty! Are you saying that my name is weird!”

“The combination of it, at least!”

“Oh, okay! That’s what my Master came with anyway!”


Does she even remember that I also gave her her name


“Now, you five…”


Lylia spoke up, prompting everyone to go silent.

Well, we ARE going to infiltrate Regalia Castle, after all — I’d expect everyone to be this nervous.


“Are you all really going to wear THAT”



Lylia pointed at our hooded heads — no, not the cool hoods that come with mantles and capes, but the simpler bandana-like hoods that thieves like to wear.

Bruce and Betty laughed, Pochi smiled ear-to-ear, and Blazer kept a straight face.


“It helps hide my face, at least.”

“I think it looks funny.”

“It IS pretty fun, yes!”


Bruce, Betty, and Pochi said in succession…


“Well, aren’t you wearing a hood as well, Lylia”


Blazer said as if our ridiculous headgear were the same as her mantle’s hoods.

But here’s the thing… her hood is much more practical, and more importantly–


“Don’t kid yourselves.

Mine is far more stylish than whatever that is.”


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