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Chapter 1185: Self-Blame

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Chu Yeying was very confident and sure that her life would definitely be better compared to how it was in the Chu Family.

She was going to bring her mother with her, because she was the only person that she trusted and that would help her.

So she turned to Second Concubine without hesitation.

However, when Second Concubine heard Chu Yeyings words, she was startled for a moment.

She had been living at the mansion for more than two decades, and she had spent those 20 years at Chus mansion.

She had never expected that she would one day leave in this way.

She looked at Prime Minister Chu…

Before she married him, she was the concubine of the Jin Mansions lady, which was a small household.

It was already lucky for her to be able to become the Chu Familys concubine.


She was not as capable as First Mrs.

Chu during the past few years, even her daughter was not treated as well as the Elder Miss.

That was something she was not happy about.

She did try to make Prime Minister Chu pay attention to her, but no matter what she did, Prime Minister Chu would never express any preference.

Prime Minister Chu would never allow any other women to ride over First Mrs.

Chu, so she would never be allowed to embarrass First Mrs.

Chu in the mansion.

She had thought about it – unless she worked hard she would never live as well as First Mrs.

Chu and her daughter would never have as good a life as the Elder Miss.

If she did not leave with Yeying and remained at the mansion, she would be confronted with an even more difficult life.

Second Concubine would even propose to live at the temple voluntarily, but what if they left now

Yeying was pregnant with the elder grandson of the Gu Mansion, and Yeying was going to become Young Master Gus family, and the Crown Prince Consort would even address her as “sister-in-law”.

If she was with her, she might not have a very promising future, but her life would be better compared to the life here at the mansion.

After thinking about this, Second Concubine left with Chu Yeying without hesitation.

They did not even want to take anything from the room.

Chu Yeying had seen many good things in the Crown Prince Consorts place, so she did not need anything from the Chus Mansion any more.

So the two hurried away with their maid.

Chu Tian closed his eyes upon seeing their retreating figures.

He took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.

He had never expected that the Chu Family, which had been admired by the families in the capital, though not as equally respected as the Yao Family or the Min Family, and which always stuck to their rules, would run into something like this.

The Chu Family, despite their weird-personality ladies and young masters, never broke the rules.

Yet for the first time in 100 years, something like this happened.

Chu Tian looked extremely disappointed.

After a long while, Chu Tian opened his eyes, looking tired.

First Mrs.

Chu blamed herself.

“Prime Minister, it is my fault too.

I have paid too little attention to what happens in the yard, and I thought that if I grounded Yeying, she would think it through, but Second Concubine and Yeying thought differently.”

Chu Tian looked at First Mrs.


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